The Great War

In the Past
plot summary

The story so far…

For anyone who’s about to join, or who cannot remember what happened far back towards the beginning of the campaign, here’s the important info:

The trade city of Gothalbdon was put under siege by by a united army of Orcs, Giants, and Goblinoids. After 3 days of withstanding the brutal attacks, and brave heroics by a small party of adventurers, the city still stood, as reinforcements arrived from the capital, forcing the remainder of the army to flee. Tension has risen amidst the entire nation as rumors spread of other cities being ransacked, and doubles as cities begin to cease responding to messages from the capital. Many citizens blame this on the rival nation of Orodiera, for their involvement and trades with half-orcs.

In the capital city of Erestone, rumor spreads of a group of vigilantes that have wiped out most of the smuggling ring from the city. Should further rumors hold true, this is the same group of adventurers who helped to save Gothalbdon in its time of great need. Though their presence has been missed for nearly a week, word begins to reach the ears of citizens about the destruction of a Velvet Baron warehouse and trading facility in a far-off foreign nation. All suspect this group of vigilantes to be out to destroy the corruption within Eraton, and to unite it once again under the banner of the King, and with the full support of the entire nation, the citizens expect and are preparing for war with Orodiera.

Just yesterday, shocking news escaped the castle, that the party of adventurers that the city has come to look up to so much, was attacked INSIDE the castle, as they returned from overseas, though they managed to defeat their attackers and capture on hostage. Evidence points to his being sent from Orodiera, and tensions rise even further. War seems imminent.

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